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Whether you need a driveway, patio, foundation, or massive industrial warehouse, Right Angle takes pride in all of the various types of concrete we install and service. Our concrete is designed to not only have utility but to be thoughtful and beautiful. We specialize in stamped, decorative, and innovative concrete deployments.


Right Angle builds decks, patio covers, and fencing that seamlessly integrate into the experience of your yard while adding a complimentary touch to your home's aesthetic. From elaborate metal work to reclaimed carpentry, we have the chops to create the perfect deck and fence. We are one of the few companies in the Houston area that specialize in Brazilian hardwood decks.

Pervious concrete is a pavement type that allows rainwater and other sources of water to permeate through into the ground, base layer, or detention pool below. This allows for quick absorption of rainwater and controls the flow rate of the water as it moves off site. Moreover, harmful pollutants in runoff and rainwater are diverted and filtered out before reaching the water table.


Right Angle brings both utility and dynamism to any landscaping project.

Here is a shocking statistic: The number one crop, in regard to water consumption, in all of the United States is FRONT LAWNS. Xeriscaping allows you to bring water-efficient, eco-friendly practices into the outdoor design of your home. Beautiful and hardy plants combined with water mitigation practices make for a sustainably  gorgeous yard — not to mention the enormous amounts of money saved on watering and maintenance.

The economics of Solar are simple: add value to your home, utilize clean energy technology, and spend roughly what you currently spend on electricity. You may even qualify for federal tax credits. If your home receives adequate sunlight, it is a no brainer.


Gathering together with family outdoors for dinner and a movie makes for special, memorable moments. Let Right Angle build the perfect outdoor kitchen and fully functional audio visual environment for your backyard.

Right Angle builds decks and fencing that combine the natural layout of your yard with high-quality craftsmanship. 

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